About Candlelight Cabinetry

John Yakich and Robert Sanderson saw a niche in the market that demanded a high quality semi-custom product that could be mass-produced to keep prices competitive. So in 1990, Robert Sanderson and John Yakich established Candlelight Cabinetry.

Candlelight Cabinetry can therefore be classified as a semi-custom to custom line that sells at below custom prices. Candlelight accomplishes this by using innovative production techniques to marry industriousness with high-quality craftsmanship.

Committed to building the local economy, Candlelight proudly manufactures in the Niagara region of upstate New York.

“Candlelight produces about 200 cabinets a day and we compete with companies producing 12,000 to 18,000 cabinets a day.” John Yakich

Candlelight Cabinetry is committed to supporting the environment in many ways. For every Candlelight cabinetry sale, we donate trees to a national forest using a portion of the proceeds. Our Tree Planting Program has allowed us to contribute over 50,000 trees to the environment on behalf of our customers since 1990.